Stefanie (crazybabyinlove) wrote in the__sisterhood,

Hello everyone! I just joined this community and I need a serious favor from anyone who can help...

I'm writing a paper analyzing the 4 girls for my college english class and it's due tomorrow. Without thinking I lent my best friend the movie when she was here for thanksgiving and she took it with her to Tennessee and is mailing it back to me. (I'm in FL) But I need some things out of the movie. I need to know... when Bee is first at the soccer camp the one girl tells her that Eric is off limits and she says what to her? We'll see about that? What is her response? And I need to know Bee's conversation with Eric when they're on the beach and she's talking about what the therapists called her. Can anyone watch the movie and type me a dialog of their convo? I would be forever in debt to you. THANKS!
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