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[FIC] crumbs from your table

I assume posting of fanfiction is welcome here, if not I apologise profusely and the mod is welcome to delete this post.

.title. crumbs from your table
.pairing. Carmen/Paul; mentions of Lena/Paul and Win/Carmen
.rating. PG
.disclaimer. The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, all books in the series and all associated characters belong expressly to their author, Ann Brashares. I claim no ownership of them, this is a fanwork written for no financial gain.
.wordcount. About 870, including brief (by my standards) closing notes.
.warnings. One swearword. No major spoilers, as far as I can see.

.notes. BOOK CANON BOOK CANON!! Ideally, you will have read the first three books before reading this. However, you should be able to muddle through provided you've read at least the first one (some subtle points might fly over your head though). People who know only the movie should also be able to read it, but their enjoyment will probably be limited. Linked to my journal. Feedback much appreciated.

.summary. The problem is that Carmen loved him first.

(When she is with Paul Carmen tries to stretch herself out to fill up all the holes she perceives in him. When Lena is with him she lets him lay out his holes for airing, she opens his windows to let the sunlight in.)

{cross-posted all over the place, sorry if anyone receives this more than once}
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